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Trade Show Marketing

As an exhibitor you need to maximise your return. You do this by expanding your network,
finding new customers and suppliers, learning more about your industry and your competition.
At the same time, you need to gain credibility and influence.


So where do you start?

To successfully capture the trade show audience, Somethingpreeti Creative plans, designs and creates all types of bespoke pre-event, on-stand and post-event (digital and print) marketing. These include:


Exhibitors need to make sure:


• All attendees and networking
   contacts receive a response from
   follow-up communication.

• Existing clients hear about how
    successful the event was.

Follow-up marketing via:

  • Landing pages and purpose-built website pages

  • Questionnaires, surveys and polls

  • Ongoing mailshots and email campaigns

  • News, blogs and event synopsis

  • Discounts and special offers

  • Social media posts 

  • Scriptwriting for podcasts and voice overs


Exhibitors need to make sure they:


• Promote their brand in the right way

• Network with existing and new clients

• Engage their attendees by showcasing              their products and services.

• Capture sales and data

Attracting attendees to your stand via:

  • Eye-catching exhibition stand design and copy

  • Posters, roller banners, signs and point of sale

  • Competitions and handouts

  • Information downloads and data collection

  • Scriptwriting for speeches, sales pitches and voice overs

  • Brochures, booklets, leaflets, giveaways and gimmicks

  • Explainer videos, showreels and testimonial videos

  • Merchandise, clothing and apparel 


Exhibitors need to make sure:

• People are aware of their event

• Encourage attendees to attend

• Promote their credibility

• Build anticipation

  • General advertising campaigns and discount offers

  • Digital website banners and QR codes

  • Landing pages and purpose-built website pages

  • Promotional packs, press packs and press releases

  • Billboards, radio commercials and industry publications

  • Editorials, company bios, blogs and articles

  • Scriptwriting for interviews, podcasts and voice overs

  • Mailshots, newsletters and invitations

  • Leaflets, posters, flyers and point of sale

  • Social media posts, hashtag creation and social media ad campaigns

Promoting event attendance via:

Services and Packages

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Services included and not.png
Services included and not.png

However, we will be more than delighted to procure the best suppliers we work with and provide separate quotes.

How we work


Once you have approved our quote,  we'll collaborate and work with you on your trade show
marketing concepts. And turn ideas, into an impactful event experience for you and your customers!

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