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Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy was an unknown start-up energy provider trying to gain a share in the market. They were competing with six to eight new companies a month applying for licenses.


The challenge was to create an integrated campaign and TV commercial for Newcastle upon Tyne to test the market and understand which propositions maximised sign-up before Octopus Energy could move to a larger business plan.


The target audience was digitally-enabled women between 28 and 65 years old who often made the buying decisions in the house. A clear proposition was identified for the campaign: 'Switch to Octopus Energy right now and save hundreds of pounds in minutes'. Several messages and benefits were also tested with an online poll, out of which a strong visual style and propositions started to emerge, which also hinted at the company’s name. The use of friendly octopus tentacles emerging from the water holding the key messages became the campaign's signature style.

See video below

Role - Art Direction + Graphic Design + Illustration   |   Agency - Other Creative

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